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Expressive Typography: Quote

Expressive Typography: Quote

My second project in Introduction to Graphic Design was as follows:

Create a typographic composition using a quote and enhancing the meaning of content using expressive typographic form.

Here are some examples that I found inspiring:

tumblr_m6r10uzrK31rxmd5mo4_500   images

images-1   images-2

tumblr_lsnpj4pj0n1r19xr51   related-108

The images above were examples of expressive typography based on one word. Below are some sketches for my quote:

“I love chasing the dark. That which is hidden. I like licking it like an ice cream.”
– Tori Amos

quotesketches   quotesketches2

Below is my latest digital draft.


Introduction to Typography, Project 1

Introduction to Typography, Project 1

“In this project, students were supposed to create a typographic composition which defined terms of type anatomy in a visual progression across three 8×8 panels.

The objectives were to present the structural relationships between letters in a typeface through a progressive composition and to design an accurate labeling system, secondary to the composition. Students also were responsible to skillfully apply basic 2d design principles to organize content.”

Introduction to Typography Project 1