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Redesign Proposal

Project Description

The second big project in my Principles of UX class was to choose another eCommerce site that could use improvements in the user experience. Back in the nineties I used to order a lot of CDs off CDUniverse site, so I figured it would a fun website to redesign, since I have a personal connection to it. Here is a screen cap and a bit from their about page.

Project Details

School   Academy of Art
Class  Principles of UX
Date  12.13.14
Skills UX, Branding, Web Design


I created a series of responsive wireframes to layout the basic functions of my proposed redesign of CD Universe. This was my first time using Axure to create interactive wireframes. We were asked to create wireframes for the home page, category page, product page, and checkout. Our schematics were requested to be in three main breakpoints 1024, 768, and 480. Going forward the design was be based off this responsive design format which includes the various size layouts.

Why was established in 1996 & is a leading internet retailer. They specialize in the sale of domestic & imported CDs, movies and video games. It has an extensive catalogue of products, but suffers from an outdated design and poor user experience.

Statement of Interest

This project’s intention is to improve their overall cohesive branding, design, and user experience of

User Profile

The user demographic mainly consists of music collectors in their 20s-30s. Customers are often looking for imported CDs that contain content not available on domestic releases.

Creative Content

The next phase of the project we worked with web content and its importance in a display environment. I used my wireframes to determine how the content will be handled. The rough interactive wireframes gave me the idea to use use icons for the cart and account links in the top navigation header.

Responsive Design

I wanted the design to respond to the appropriate device the site is being viewed on. The company name and logo on the desktop layout, and just used the logo on the tablet and mobile layouts, as to maintain a clean and sleek and uncluttered look.

More Info

For more insight into the creative process of this project, read this blog post.

Like What You See?

Fire Hydrant

Fire Hydrant


Earth Day Poster

In the assignment brief for Intermediate Graphic Design class we were provided with some facts impacting our planet, and asked to design a poster for Earth Day 2014. One that stuck out to me was, “40% of our waterways are undrinkable.” I immediately thought of a picture I took last year. The photo I took featured a fire hydrant being routinely drained to relieve pressure.

I found it interesting people in developing countries, who don’t have access to clean water, would probably be very confused by this practice. Citizens of these countries might be drinking water not anywhere near as clean, while this water may be perceived as being essentially wasted.


Re-Branding: Stationery

Re-Branding: Stationery

The next re-branding project to tackle in my Intermediate Graphic Design class is Stationery. The assignment called for me to design the following:

1. Letterhead
2. Business Card
3. Envelope
4. Collateral Mailer

For more insight into the process behind the creation, read this blog post.

Re-Branded Logo

Re-Branded Logo

Here is my re-branded logo in my Intermediate Graphic Design class. I hope you like my finished product. Drink up!