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Lettermark Logo

My first assignment in Introduction to Graphic Design was a lettermark logo. This logo type uses text to create an interesting typographic mark. The assignment was to use the initials of my first and last name to develop a logo which conveys characteristics of who I am. The logo was required to work both in black only and in color.

Being a water sign, I am curious by nature and innately attuned to waves of emotion. I fearlessly explore the world around me. The lines of the Myriad font investigate their structure but still claim their own individual space.  In a converse way, the playful and enigmatic lines within the the logo visually represent  my desire to remain connected as I investigate society.  The experiences of these explorations are depicted by the circular shape found at the base of the logo. Breaks in both letterforms can be interpreted as my appreciation for the freedom allowed in web design. The equal widths of these breaks, as their own unique shades of blue, simultaneously convey a sense of compassion and empathy, which are meaningful aspects of my daily life.



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September 16, 2013