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Blair Witch Fan Club

The Blair Witch Fan Club was created to provide an enjoyable place for fans of The Blair Witch Project to communicate and interact with one another. The site first came to be sometime in the summer of 1999.


During the peak of the site’s popularity, the domain was shutdown repeatedly because it was overloading various host’s servers.


Loyal Community

The boards flourished for years with the help of a few fans and volunteer moderators.

Bulletin Boards

The The Blair Witch Fan Club system was powered by UBB.classic.


The Blair Witch Fan Club was featured on a California news station’s story on The Blair Witch Project. Philadelphia Inquirer mentioned the thread the Heather Donahue Haiku Corner in an article about The Blair Witch Project. It was also mentioned at Corona Comming Attractions’ Blair Witch 2 page. The Blair Witch Fan Club grew to be the largest Blair Witch fan community on the web, has received recognition from press, as well as the creators of the Blair Witch, had a loyal group of regular visitors, and continued for years to grow and support the fans.