$7 Traditional Breakfast
Two eggs, protein, grits or hash.
$7 Chechebsa
Ethiopian style bread mixed pepper and low-fat spiced butter.
$8 Build Your Own Omelete
$7 Little Five Points Benedict
Avocado, tomato.
$8 Salmon Benedict
Salmon, tomato.
$7 Kimis Benedict Whats Good
Canadian bacon.
$7 French Toast
With your choice of protein.
$7 Belgian Waffle


$10 Timatim Fitfit
Diced tomatoes, onions and jalapeño peppers mixed with pieces of injera.
$5 Ayib Tikil Spicy
Cottage cheese seasoned with spicy pepper and extra virgin olive oil.
$5 Kategna Injera
Injera coated with berebere and spice butter or extra virgin olive oil.
$6 Chicken Wings
$5 Samosa
Your choice of meat or veggie.
$5 Calamari
Calamari tossed in peppers and served with sweet chili sauce.


$5 Kimis House Salad
Cherry tomatoes carrots red onion.
$6 Caesar Salad
Parmesean tomatoes croutons.
$6 Strawberry Salad
Iceberg wedge candied pecans tomato boiled egg strawberries.
$6 Red Beet Salad
Spinach tossed in balsamic beets marinated in herbs goat cheese toasted almonds cherry tomatoes.

Kimis Bistro Plates

$11 Seared Salmon Papillote
Served with sautéed shrimp and seasonal vegetable with herbed citrus butter.
$9 Pasta
Penne pasta in spinach pesto sauce with sautéed vegetable.
$12 Doro Wet
Seasoned chicken served with flavorful sauce.
$10 Awaze Tibs
Cooked beef cubes in kimi’s hot sauce with tomatoes onions and garlic.
$11 Lamb Tibis Whats Good
Tender lamb chunks sauteed with butter, green pepper, tomato, jalapeno and garlic.
$11 Chicken Tibis Whats Good
Seasoned chicken chunks sauteed with butter, green pepper, jalapeno, tomato, garlic.
$11 Kitfo
Ground beef tartar sauteed in kimis secret spices served with injera or bread (served rare mid rare or well done).

Build Your Own Veggie Plate‍

$11 Build Your Own Veggie Plate‍ Vegetarian


$8 Chicken Club Sandwich
Sourdough bread bacon lettuce tomato.
$9 Buffalo Chicken Wrap
Romaine lettuce chicken tenders blue cheese crumble buffalo sauce.
$9 Bourbon Burger
Lettuce onion rings BBQ sauce and bacon.
$9 Kitfo Sandwhich
Ground beef tartar sautéed in kimis secrect spices and served on a hoagie roll.
$8 Salmon Panini
Lemon basil aioli greens and tomato.
$8 Veggie Burger Vegetarian
Lettuce tomato avocado.


$9 Chicken Alfedo
Chicken alfredo sauce diced tomato and spinach.
$9 Cajun Crepes
Shrimp potatoes sautéed in cajun sauce garnished with diced tomato and chive.
$9 Veggie Crepes Vegetarian
Roasted red pepper and ricotta cheese.
$7 Our Original Sweet Crepes
Nutella and banana – strawberry and cream – apple cinnamon.


$5.50 Lemon Cheese Cake
$5 Seasonal Cheese Cake
$5 Warm Brownie
With vanilla ice cream.


$2.50 French Roast Coffee
$3 Blue Bottle Espresso