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The first “pop” assignment for Introduction to Typography called for finding an image that includes 3 elements of design; texture, form, shape, color, line and/or value. I initially was torn between two images.

© 1956-66 Tadanori Yokoo

This piece is a poster by Japanese artist Tadanori Yokoo. Often regarded as the Andy Warhol of Japan, Yokoo also gained a cult following that began in the 1960s.

Elements of Design

1. Line

Various types of line structures, from to jagged to curved, give the eye lots to do

2. Texture

Ben-Day dots are used to create a texture out of the yellow background

3. Color

The red, yellow, and blue primary colors, with the literal splash of green on the waves, compliment each other well.

This was an ad he did for the 16th Exhibition of Japan Advertising Artists Club. Tadanori Yokoo continues to have exhibitions regularly.

© 1997 Cyan, Inc.

The image I chose is a 3D digital rendering from 1997, specifically, a capture from Riven, a puzzle adventure game and the sequel to Myst.

Elements of Design

1. Texture

The image expodes with texture mapping; from the tree to the water, to the cliffs, to the clouds. No detail is spared.

2. Color

The dark greens and blues evoke a a sense of coldness

3. Value

The dark clouds have low value that give the viewer a sense of contrast when compared to the top of the tree.

The game was developed by Cyan Worlds, Inc., who recently held a Kickstarter to fund their latest game, Obduction.

I ended up choosing the Tadanori Yokoo piece as my example of Elements of Design. While the Great Tree of D’Ni from Riven might be a better example of the principles of design.