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During my first semester at The Academy of Art University, one of the projects we focused on for my Principles of UX class was to redesign an existing e-commerce website. We were asked to pick one website to redesign and improve the UX. We were to decide if we wanted to radically change the way the page looks or refine the features to be more usable. The professor advised the class to ultimately choose the option that we feel the most inspired to accomplish.

I chose the site While the offer a variety of merchandise, the user experience was not very pleasant.

For an overview of this project, visit my portfolio.


I started off by designing a wireframe. The professor asked us to design using simple squares and boxes that illustrate where the content would go.


Then I began to research and analyze the competition, seeing what others websites offered or might be doing more effectively.

The next phase called for us to work to improve the layout/design aspects. I created a hypothetical screenshot of what my redesigned homepage would look like, as well as a mobile version of the redesign.


Next, I designed a mobile layout mockup.


Final Project

To see the results, visit my portfolio.